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Accreditation & Membership

We are proud that We are assessed by various national and international bodies to evaluate our technical competency

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Emirates International Accreditation Center - (ISO 17020)-IB 026 - (formerly DAC) 

EIAC is the only accreditation body in Gulf Region which is internationally recognized being MRA signatory to International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) and full member of International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and Pacific Accreditation Cooperation (PAC). EIAC accreditation is an effective marketing tool for Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) to promote their services in UAE and other booming markets. EIAC has technical cooperation with UKAS and NATA through Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs).

ABCL is accredited by EIAC as per requirements of ISO/IEC 17020. For detailed scope of accreditation, please refer to Services section of the website.

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Dubai Economic Development Department (DED) 

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the government body entrusted to set and drive the economic agenda of the emirate of Dubai, UAE. The DED supports the structural transformation of Dubai into a diversified, innovative service-based economy that aims to improve the business environment and accelerate productivity growth. The DED and its agencies develop economic plans and policies, identify and support the growth of strategic sectors, and provide services to domestic and international investors and businesses. The DED is also a proud winner of the Distinguished Government Entity in the Dubai Government Excellence Programme 2012.

ABCL is registered and licensed by DED for the following activities under the Professional License No. 573961

  • Physical & Mechanical Testing Activities

  •  Safety Consultancies

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Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA), UK, Development Member 

LEEA represent the lifting equipment industry at the highest levels, including UK, European and international standards organizations, government departments, the UK Health and Safety Executive and certification bodies. LEEA produces a number of publications, including LEEA Code of Practice for the Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE). This code is recommended by the UK Health and Safety Executive and is generally accepted as the most authoritative source of information on specifying, using and maintaining lifting equipment. LEEA technical library provides a unique source of information on all aspects of the design, manufacture, testing, examination, certification and supply of lifting equipment, as well as its servicing and safe use.

In addition, their highly knowledgeable and experienced technical officers are available to provide Members with technical consultancy and advice services, as well as regular updates on a range of issues from new standards and regulations through to warnings about dangerous equipment. For over half a century, LEEA has been deeply involved in the preparation and implementation of British, international and European Standards through Membership of the British Standards Institution committees and similar bodies. LEEA also play an active role in legislative developments.

After successfully completing rigorous technical assessments from LEEA, ABCL has become one among the few Development members of LEEA in the Middle East region.

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EHS - Trakhees Jebal Ali Free Zone Authority 

Established in 1992 and initially named “Free Zone Industrial Operations Control Department”, EHS grew alongside the rapidly developing Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority to become an integral part of the expansion. As a full pledged Business unit monitoring commercial and industrial businesses’ compliance with government regulations, EHS has progressed to achieve international awards. EHS has set industry standards by providing outstanding levels of service and performance. EHS has adopted a mandate of commitment to its clients, based on delivering service which exceeds expectations. These services relate to a wide range of activities: from environmental sustainability and occupational safety, to chemical, radiation, and biological hazard protection. Today, EHS is globally positioned among world class contenders in the field of Environment, Health and Safety.

ABCL is one among the few Inspection Bodies in UAE, approved by EHS – TRAKHEES, to carry out Inspection and Certification of Lifting Equipments & Lifting Accessories inside JAFZA premises.
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Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs  UAE

Our Inspection Engineers possess professional degrees from well known universities and are approved by MInistry of Labor And Social Affairs.