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Business Policy

Our Policy

We are committed to comply with ISO/IEC 17020:2012 requirements, constantly strive for quality, satisfy all our customers by means of effective communication, render quality service, analysis and understanding of all their requiremeents, in order to achieve continuous improvement in our service and thereby achieving organization goals.
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Management Commitment

Management CommitmentThe company and its professional Engineers are dedicated to high standards of quality throughout its range of services.The mangement and the staff of the company are fully committed to maintain highest standards of quality in the company’s products and services and have established system of control which meets with the requirements of customers and international standards.

At all levels, the management ensures that resources whether physical or intellectual or financial are available in order that each employee has the experience, knowledge, equipment and training to carry out all aspects of their job function in an efficient, effective and safely manner.
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Declaration of Impartiality

The Management of ABCL hereby declares that the company shall continue to provide inspection & certification services based on the principles of impartiality, objectivity and strict avoidance of conflict of interests.

The Management of ABCL is fully committed to impartiality and understand the importance of it’s implementation. ABCL internal procedures support impartiality and it has trained all its inspection and certification personnel to ensure that.

  • ABCL exercises impartiality in dealing with the customers by identifying and removing actual or potential threats to impartiality arising from any internal or external factors.

  • ABCL provides inspection & certification services to its customers free of conflict of interests by implementing measures that prevent interests with potential to affect impartiality of its services.

  • ABCL exercises objectivity in it’s services to customers by removing or resolving conflict of interests which can adversely influence its certification activities.

  • ABCL requires personnel, internal and external, as well as any committees to reveal any situation known to them that may expose them or our company to a conflict of interest.

  • ABCL top management is committed to maintain impartiality in all our services and will not put any kind of pressure for inspectors on their inspection decisions.

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